Best Tips to Wear Extensions to Grow your Hair

Posted on December 21st, 2016 by admin

Bulk: Watching the amount or bulk of wefts you place on your strands will save you a world of headache in the prevention of unnecessary hair loss. The bulk of the weave should never feel heavy or weighed down. The amount of tracks you invest in vary for each individual and should be based on the health, density, individual strand size and porosity of your hair.
Quality of Track: If your feel persistent irritations to your scalp from the track of the wefts do not simply push this matter to the side. The irritation could be caused by the materials used for the track to hold the weft in tack. This is especially the case with tracks that are hard and stiff to touch. Look for tracks that are more pliable and softer. Constant irritation can cause scabbing and perhaps scarring where hair loss could be permanent.
Proper Combing Technique: Just because the hair is not growing from your scalp you still want to use proper combing techniques when combing your weave. I recommend using a loop brush, and start from the ends and work your way to the root of the track. This will add longevity and decrease the amount of shedding of the weave due to less stress by combing your way up towards the track.
Flexibility: Another advantage to wearing weaves is styling the styling flexibility.  One word of caution, when styling your weaved hair in up-do’s, braids, twists and ponytails pay attention to the amount of stress your style creates. Too much force or action when creating a style can cause unnecessary stress to the track which will pull at the roots of your natural hair which could lead to hair loss. Opt for looser weaved up-do’s and styles that do not create stress to the track.
Product Usage: Weaves need love to! Do not cop out on your favorite products while wearing a weave. Especially with human hair which is still susceptible to dryness. Lavender, Tea Tree and Grapefruit Seed Oil: Due to lack of air circulation while wearing a weave this creates a moist environment which is more susceptible to create a breeding ground for bacteria such as mold. Lavender, Tea tree or Grapefruit seed oil are natural mold killing agents. The application of these oils on your scalp while wearing a weave can reduce or deter molding issues immediately.
Choose a Curl Pattern closest to your own Texture: This applies only if you are wearing the crown of your natural hair out or extensions. Choosing a weave or extensions that are closest to your hair pattern will drastically decrease constant manipulation in trying to imitate the curl pattern of the weave with your own natural hair.
Wrap it Up: Wearing a weave does allow you the option to sleep without a satin pillowcase or scarf but from personal experience I would suggest not opting out on these hair care lifesavers. Satin pillowcases and scarfs can add longevity to your weave and bank account.

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